2016 just ended! So did all our hopes and aspirations and dreams and all the polished words for a-good-year would have been. Let’s not kid anybody. It was a major flop-fest, and by ‘flop-fest’, I mean it in the most horrible, terrible way.

I was so hopeful at the beginning of things all through the past couple of years, but this year, ehh not so much. Actually, I’m kinda waiting for that the day I crash and burn! My friends are probably betting on that! If the last-year-me had heard this, she would have probably cried first, ohh definitely cried first; Then convinced herself that she would prove them all wrong. But, the present-me, she’s nothing at all like the 2016-me. As on 1st January 2017, I would get in on the bet!! I know for sure that I would definitely screw this year up too, so, I might as well make some money out of it!

Well, now that I think about it, I kinda think that 2017-me beat 2k16-me’s ass!! Yeah, I’ve lost all hope in good endings and happy life, but isn’t that what’s actually required for a ‘non-disney-fairytale-life’ ??

So, here’s to a CRAPPY NEW YEAR !!!


2 thoughts on “Conclusions!!

  1. I never want to live another 2016 ever!!! I am actually looking forward to living in 2017 as I am grateful for each day I am alive since what happened in 2016. My blog talks all about it. I will be back to read more! -Bruec

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