Elevated expectations!


I just bought a new laptop. It cost me a fortune! I still have no idea why I paid so much. Most importantly, I honestly don’t get what are the advancements and new additions in a 100000 rupee laptop compared to a 30000 rupee one. All I understood was one thing, that ignorance was NOT bliss!

Anyways, after I was completely bankrupted, I came home and sat in front of my latest guilt-ridden asset, and sadly, all I could appreciate was those beautifully placed keys! The guy whom I bought it from had explained all the tricks it could do but, as I sat there, I just asked myself “Do I really need all this?”. Then it occurred to me that life is really simple, but it’s us who complicate it so much! All our wants eclipses our needs to be happy and peaceful.

But hey, who am I kidding? All of are like John Keats. We think “ A thing of beauty is a joy forever ” and keep making the same mistakes over and over again!


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