Prep for Tomorrow!

via Daily Prompt: Someday

Usually, ‘someday’ and ‘I hope’ go hand-in-hand. Even though people don’t perceive their dreams most of the times, they still ‘hope’ that someday, maybe not today, not tomorrow, but at least before they become a memory in someone’s head, they acquire their object-of-desire. It might be a corner office with a view or a bucket load of money or the love of a million people from one person! But all of this really bugs us until one fine day! That ‘some’day we become adults.


Imagine an 80 year old lady on her death bed. What do you think will be running on her mind? Repention , or guilt or treachery or a sense of fulfilment? Her whole life would be flashing in front of her eyes!

 The moment when nothing bothers us anymore, if the neighbor bought a new car or our nemesis got a promotion, is the moment when we graduate from life!


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