God is human too!

We are the final products of evolution. According to some of the greatest minds, human beings are the most advanced creatures on this planet.The procedure began with amoeba and then, they were promoted. Later came fishes, amphibians, birds and finally mammals.

We all consider a supreme source of power above us all as God. Lets not declare God as a man( Isn’t gender biasing wrong? ). He/She is omnipotent,right? So, why couldn’t He/She have created all the creatures at once? Let me tell you why.


That’s because God is human too!  He/She ( It’s really hard to use every time. Well, I made my own bed. ) started a project, found out that some improvements could be made and went on improvizing! As simple as that. It’s just like us getting some work done. In this case, its plastic surgery for the whole body! (Fishes became amphibians, then reptiles).

Now, isn’t it easier to understand why all our requests didn’t go as planned? It’s not that God (I’m just gonna use the noun!) didn’t try to fulfill them, but, God couldn’t get it right on the first time!!!


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