Wisdom improv!

Conventional Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom

via Discover Challenge: Conventional Wisdon

All of us have been taught from kindergarten a certain things which we have labelled as ‘morals’. I’m sure we’ll force this onto our next generations as well. Not that it isn’t right, but some things have to be trimmed along the edges as we keep stitching.

We have been schooled to respect elders, value friendship, to take good care of our own and many more. I’m not gonna bore you with them. I’m sure all of you are following them!!!

All of this is fine, until all of them attack you at once! We haven’t been tutored about the priority list! What if there’s an old lady, your wife and your best friend stuck in the rain and you can take only one person with you on the bike?


( And you don’t have to force yourself to say ‘wife’!

Don’t worry, she can’t read your mind, or can she?? )

Do you honour your friendship or help the old lady and face the consequences from your spouse? Or do you pick your loved one over the other two?

This is the point at which we should IMPROVISE!

Why not let your friend take the old woman on the vehicle and you stay back with your wife and enjoy the rain? (Maybe your wife gets hit by lightning, who knows? Fingers crossed)

Now tell me one fable which teaches us this!


3 thoughts on “Wisdom improv!

  1. That was really interesting.
    One comes across such tricky choices often in life. This was rather an old tale, however.i can bet I’ve heard this a lot.
    Oh and by the way, you need to remain the empty text widgets from your site.

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  2. I think that constraints define you more than you are defined by constraints. Like if I am not able to call Uber for 3 people and save them from rain that tells more about me than who I’ve picked in that certain moment to save from rain.

    With that being said I do think every one of us should define themselves. But that’s the first step – once you define yourself now you need to live up to your expectations. That’s what’s really hard and where real work starts.

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