via Daily Prompt: Replacement

Relationships are tricky. It’s an axiom everyone is aware of. All of us suck at the ratio and proportions of love. Some of us are on the giving end; and others, on the receiving one.

Relationships are nothing but these flings which become serious all of a sudden and then turn into an ultimatum. In my opinion, it’s like playing on a see-saw! You are ‘see’ing a person today, and tomorrow, it changes to the past tense, ‘saw’. This is for the dare devils who don’t give in to the ultimatum. The ones who succumb at the final warning, experience ‘saw’ as the tool it actually is!!

            When did ‘break-ups’ and ‘divorces’ replace ‘love’ in ‘LOVE is in the air’ ?                     Married people now a days board the train of ‘compromise’ and fall asleep until they reach the ‘sacrifice’ station. At this point, wondering where they should have got off is a waste of time, which is when they take the decision to pull the emergency chain (divorce attorney).

Then begins hunt for REPLACEMENT!



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