Karma’s a bitch!

People get hurt all the time. The first step in the healing process is to forget all about the incident and the person responsible for the damage. But, unlike all normal people, my treatment begins with destroying that person’s will to live!

I might appear to be wicked and brutal but, isn’t it our right to take what’s ours? To rephrase, it is our obligation to slay that human responsible for our misery!

But then, one fine day, I stumbled upon ‘karma’. I thought, ‘Well, it’s one less task for me. Karma’s got my back’!

But unfortunately, the ruling was in favour of my opponent!




Drill holes

Fill them with glue

Yet, pores linger

Stitch them up

Still, the thread remains

Remove the sutures

The scars stay behind

Then it occurs to us

“ Its of no use to fill up a

punctured tire with just air ”

Even if the air used is our breath!

The only consolation is,

Nobody got hurt

Well, except ourselves of course

Now, inhaling is unfeasible too!!



We have talked about morals and values all our lives. Sometimes, we have even gone out our way into one-way streets, against all traffic to prove our point.

We try to be good role models. We teach our kids ethics. We coach them never to lie.

We assess.

We analyse.

We pass judgement.

Do we appraise?

Do we applaud?

What doesn’t cross our minds is the fact that



via Daily Prompt: Replacement

Relationships are tricky. It’s an axiom everyone is aware of. All of us suck at the ratio and proportions of love. Some of us are on the giving end; and others, on the receiving one.

Relationships are nothing but these flings which become serious all of a sudden and then turn into an ultimatum. In my opinion, it’s like playing on a see-saw! You are ‘see’ing a person today, and tomorrow, it changes to the past tense, ‘saw’. This is for the dare devils who don’t give in to the ultimatum. The ones who succumb at the final warning, experience ‘saw’ as the tool it actually is!!

            When did ‘break-ups’ and ‘divorces’ replace ‘love’ in ‘LOVE is in the air’ ?                     Married people now a days board the train of ‘compromise’ and fall asleep until they reach the ‘sacrifice’ station. At this point, wondering where they should have got off is a waste of time, which is when they take the decision to pull the emergency chain (divorce attorney).

Then begins hunt for REPLACEMENT!


Push- button

via Daily Prompt: Automatic

There was a time when my instincts ruled me

It was a spell cast by my inner faulty self.

The curse could only be lifted by a sorcerer;

Only, the magician had disappeared in the act!

Eventually, the search began for a better ‘I’ !


The quest birthed in my archaic soul 

And the treasure hunt wound up in the same location.

The gold found was REASON!

With rationality came awareness

And now, I rule my ‘instincts’ !!!


Wisdom improv!

Conventional Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom

via Discover Challenge: Conventional Wisdon

All of us have been taught from kindergarten a certain things which we have labelled as ‘morals’. I’m sure we’ll force this onto our next generations as well. Not that it isn’t right, but some things have to be trimmed along the edges as we keep stitching.

We have been schooled to respect elders, value friendship, to take good care of our own and many more. I’m not gonna bore you with them. I’m sure all of you are following them!!!

All of this is fine, until all of them attack you at once! We haven’t been tutored about the priority list! What if there’s an old lady, your wife and your best friend stuck in the rain and you can take only one person with you on the bike?


( And you don’t have to force yourself to say ‘wife’!

Don’t worry, she can’t read your mind, or can she?? )

Do you honour your friendship or help the old lady and face the consequences from your spouse? Or do you pick your loved one over the other two?

This is the point at which we should IMPROVISE!

Why not let your friend take the old woman on the vehicle and you stay back with your wife and enjoy the rain? (Maybe your wife gets hit by lightning, who knows? Fingers crossed)

Now tell me one fable which teaches us this!

God is human too!

We are the final products of evolution. According to some of the greatest minds, human beings are the most advanced creatures on this planet.The procedure began with amoeba and then, they were promoted. Later came fishes, amphibians, birds and finally mammals.

We all consider a supreme source of power above us all as God. Lets not declare God as a man( Isn’t gender biasing wrong? ). He/She is omnipotent,right? So, why couldn’t He/She have created all the creatures at once? Let me tell you why.


That’s because God is human too!  He/She ( It’s really hard to use every time. Well, I made my own bed. ) started a project, found out that some improvements could be made and went on improvizing! As simple as that. It’s just like us getting some work done. In this case, its plastic surgery for the whole body! (Fishes became amphibians, then reptiles).

Now, isn’t it easier to understand why all our requests didn’t go as planned? It’s not that God (I’m just gonna use the noun!) didn’t try to fulfill them, but, God couldn’t get it right on the first time!!!

Prep for Tomorrow!

via Daily Prompt: Someday

Usually, ‘someday’ and ‘I hope’ go hand-in-hand. Even though people don’t perceive their dreams most of the times, they still ‘hope’ that someday, maybe not today, not tomorrow, but at least before they become a memory in someone’s head, they acquire their object-of-desire. It might be a corner office with a view or a bucket load of money or the love of a million people from one person! But all of this really bugs us until one fine day! That ‘some’day we become adults.


Imagine an 80 year old lady on her death bed. What do you think will be running on her mind? Repention , or guilt or treachery or a sense of fulfilment? Her whole life would be flashing in front of her eyes!

 The moment when nothing bothers us anymore, if the neighbor bought a new car or our nemesis got a promotion, is the moment when we graduate from life!